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Amy Lynn
  • Caucasian
  • Age 25
  • Hair Brown
  • Brown eyes
  • Height 5'6
  • Weight 115


Amy Lynn is friendly and caring, always wanting the best for those around her and believing this can be accomplished through the admission of necessary truths and expressing emotions that would be otherwise held back.. Amy Lynn believes in a sort of total intimacy that means honesty all around, why not, you’re being honest in one of the most primal levels anyway right? She is also modest, knowing and owning her sexuality, but believing that overt sexuality isn’t the only way to display inner or outer sexiness, both of which she has enough of to go around. Maybe it’s because she’s a little old fashioned at heart when it comes to her personal values, but she prefers to stay close to home, or at least as close to home as she can be while having a worthwhile career as a lingerie model, so she is available for travelling exclusively within the confides of downtown,airports and beyond.. She enjoys being a spectator of and participant in motorsports, she’s a champion go-kart driver, and also loves the face paced fun of the high roller scene in the prestigious casinos of the world. Traveling is one of Amy Lynn's more obvious loves and she feels lucky to have a job that requires her to do something that she enjoys on an almost daily basis. Amy Lynn is an undergraduate student, and highly intellectual, though she enjoys listening just as much as speaking.
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