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  • Caucasian
  • Age 27
  • Hair Brown
  • Brown eyes
  • Height 5'3
  • Weight 118
  • Measurements 40D-23-33


This escort is exactly whose dazzling green eyes you’ll want looking into yours the next time the occasion calls for a getaway. Her enthusiasm is reflected in her professionalism, which shows in her ability to be timely and positive for her dates with all clients, either new or repeat. Her great sense of humor may be at least partially due to the work she did as a cruise line employee. Meeting people from all over as you pour them drinks and hear about their sorrows and celebrations is a great way to become socialized, and almost ideal as a prerequisite for the sort of work she finds herself doing today. Blair loves the company of an interesting and assertive man, and her personal romantic interests lie along the same lines. So go out for Asian fusion, one of her favorite cuisines, and celebrate le bon vivant with a couple of drinks from the bar, make hers a cosmopolitan, and plan for the next adventure the two of you will take together.
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